thanks, that just cost us a dollar!

That's right, by boldly clicking on that link - you've just drained our bank account by a buck. As did the person that just clicked it then. And then.

Ads are kind of shitty, we get it. We too have fallen victim to searching the net late at night for that massaging recliner we absolutely must own, only to have the internet collectively throw chairs at us for the next three weeks. It's almost like the moment you got engaged, when the internet was suddenly painted white. Our bad!

It totally works though, I mean - you're here! You could be on any other page right now, but you're reading about Allsorts Pictures. So first thing's first, this is us...


That's Kyle our photographer on the left, and our videographer Steve on the right. We don't always look like this, but we thought we'd start on a low point so that it's only uphill from here.


It's pretty easy. Preparations in the morning, dancing in the evening and everything in between. We like to think of ourselves as just another mate at your wedding that happens to have a camera in hand. We're not there to poke and prod at you the whole time, we just want to capture wicked moments shared with your family, friends, and that person you've chosen to share the rest of your life with. Simple as that!

What next?

Check out the rest of our site! We were a little creepy on Facebook and targeted our ideal kind of people - so chances are we're already completely smitten with you. We want you to feel the same way about us though, so have a bit of a poke around and make sure we're a good fit. If you totally dig us, let's hang out. Our studio is located in Bayswater, just on the outskirts of the Yarra Valley in Melbourne's outer east.