The Little Moments Between The Big Ones.

Our approach to capturing a wedding is relatively simple; tell it the way it happened. We're not in the business of creating moments, we leave that up to you. What we will do is make sure we're there to capture every raw emotion, every hug, every tear - the whole lot. We like to think of ourselves as just another mate at your wedding that happens to have a camera in hand.


We don't always look like this, but we thought we'd start on a low point so that it's only uphill from here.


On your wedding day, Kyle just wants to be your mate. Forget about the camera, forget about the photos - just have a ripper day, and he'll make sure it's captured. Easy as that.

Kyle loves a bit of travel. In the past he's buggered off for long stints in Europe, North America, Asia, New Zealand; and is always on the prowl for his next fix (India has been a bucket list topper for a while).

Kyle's also a gigantic nerd. Seriously, it's the worst. He used to make guest appearances on the radio talking about technology, and planned a whole trip around the Lord of the Rings.

Instagram: @kylepasalskyj


Steve's laid back, friendly approach is his secret to getting the most natural footage possible on your wedding day. There won’t be any acting or directing, just you enjoying the heck out of yourself.

Steve's a big family man, so he gets just how important it is to capture yours on the big day. The three most important things in his life are his wife, Karina, son, Riley and daughter Kaylee.

Steve's also a big lover of his "other" wife, football (he goes for Richmond. Please, feel free to hold that against him). If you're having your wedding on Grand Final day, Steve's hot tip is "don't".